Takedown’s 3 Core Values


We believe that education is at the core of creating an excellent experience. It has been said, “knowledge is power” and we couldn’t agree more! Takedown provides laser-focused clarity around the knowledge necessary to ensure both safety and the opportunity for our guests to experience greater familiarity and improvement. If you want to see people get excited and leave empowered, you better educate them first!


We believe in having tons of fun and creating environments that are full of excitement.  Life can be tough and monotonous at times which compels us to work even harder to provide our guests with exciting activities and challenges.  Once educated, we get a front row seat to witness the excitement of personal improvement flow among the crowd.  We are in the business of “selling smiles”!


We believe in the importance of leaving a lasting impact with everyone we encounter. A truly impactful experience should act as a catalyst to action whether big or small. Our hope is that our guests learn something new which provides some level of excitement that leads to a sense of empowerment. A truly unique and impactful experience will leave those in attendance empowered!