Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any experience level requirements?

A:  No.  Every Eventure is tailored to accommodate the experience level of our guests.  Whether you have NEVER shot a gun or bow, or you are a veteran, EVERYONE will have a blast.

Q: Can I bring my own shotgun or bow?

A:  Yes. Participants are free to bring their own shotgun or bow.  Be advised, all Takedown shotgun activities restrict loading more than two shells at a time.

Q: What should I bring?

A:  Yourself!  Takedown provides everything you need to participate in the activities.  We recommend bringing your own glasses or sunglasses for eye protection and sunscreen on those hot summer days.

Q: What should I wear?

A:  There is no dress code for Takedown Eventures except NO FLIP-FLOPS OR OPEN-TOED SHOES!  Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather expected that day.

Q: Is this safe?

A:  Yes!  All our venues are setup with safety in mind and we staff every Eventure with at least double the recommended guides per participant ratio.  Takedown Guides are highly experienced outdoorsmen that will instruct your group on all the safety necessary for the day and be overseeing each participant during every activity.

Q: How about bad weather?

A:  No different than a golf outing or sporting event, any outdoor venue has a chance for bad weather.  Other than storms involving lighting, high winds or torrential rains, the show will go on!  If your Eventure must be canceled due to weather, which is at the discretion of Takedown, it can be rescheduled for another date that is acceptable for both parties.

Q: Do you provide assistance with the planning process leading up to our Eventure?

A:  Yes.  We come along side your business or organization to advise on how to maximize the effectiveness of your invitation and marketing strategy.  With years of experience in the business community, the Takedown Team will make sure you are taking full advantage of this powerful resource in order to achieve your specific goals.

Q: Is there an opportunity for a presentation or meeting during our Eventure?

A:  Yes.  Lunch is the perfect time and atmosphere for you to explain your business to prospects, thank your employees or connect with your current customers.  During the planning process, Takedown will help strategize some ways to tailor this time that work best for you and your message.

Q: Are we hunting live animals at these Eventures?

A:  NO! Takedown Eventures are solely focused on activities involving shooting at targets, not live animals.            *Takedown Tours have the option to include actual hunts